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European civil society organisations call for the rejection of the EU Trade Secrets Directive

jeudi 4 février 2016

La Fondation Sciences Citoyennes est signataire d’un appel à rejeter la directive sur le Secret des Affaires. En voici le texte en anglais :

On 28 January 2016, the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee will vote to accept or reject the text of the EU Trade Secrets Directive agreed in trilogues at the end of 2015.
We call on its members to reject it.

The text is the result of negotiations between the European Commission, EU Member States and the European Parliament, which spent half of 2015 debating and amending it. The negotiators have made clear that further amendment is not welcome. But this text is also a result of the lobbying of multinational corporations from the US and the EU, whose lobbyists helped a few officials at DG Internal Market draft and push for its publication. Of course, right now the companies appearing publicly to defend the text are only European SMEs and innovative start-ups.
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