Living Knowledge – The conference in short

jeudi 5 avril 2007


The 3rd International Living knowledge conference will offer an opportunity to share and develop information on community based, participatory research and innovation. Such research is carried out in both community and academic settings, creating new types of partnerships between research and civil society. This work has developed in response to a growing demand for research from civil society organisations.The conference will provide an opportunity to reflect on a range of experiences from across Europe and beyond in the area of citizens science and cooperative innovation. The scientific value and innovation potential of community based and participatory research will be examined alongside their usefulness to society.

The conference will focus on :
• Building equitable and supportive research partnerships with civil society organisations • Developing scientists’ and policy makers’ awareness of issues of public concern and enhancing their capacity to work for and with citizens • Developing concepts and procedures for transnational community based research co-operation. • Developing strategies and tools for civil society organisations to influence Science and Technology research and policy agendas and methodologies • Supporting the development of new Science Shops and participatory research organisations

The conference will address a number of key questions :
How does citizens’ research work ?
What kinds of knowledge does it produce with what objectives and consequences ? How does citizens research challenge traditional scientific frameworks and techno scientific paradigms ? What new options does it open to scientists ? What does it have to offer in terms of cooperative, bottom-up forms of innovation ?
What impact does this have on the production of knowledge in society ? What visions of society does this research promote ? What are the social and policy contexts necessary to
promote community based research activities ? Where does Europe stand on these developments ?

The conference will reflect the work of a range of structures including :
Science Shops NGOs Universities and research institutes Participatory action research centres
Political bodies Social movements

These organisations offer a broader perspective on what should be included in science and research. They undertake research on a comprehensive range of topics, including :
Local and global environmental issues National and international development, Voluntary action and social capital, Health and safety, Agriculture
Mobility, Unemployment,
Poverty, Minorities rights
Disability issues.

The conference will provide a forum for discussion on the current societal context in which science is created and increasingly contested. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the conditions for democratised research and socialised innovation.

The conference is aimed at :
People already active in or interested in community based and participatory research : citizens, researchers, students, academics, civil society organisations, and policy makers.

The conference will :
Build bridges, explore ideas, discuss strategies and share best practice. The conference will link community based and participatory action research networks around the world.