5th Living Knowledge Conference (LK5) in Bonn (2012)

jeudi 10 mai 2012


Re-imagining Research Relationships – Co-creating Knowledge in a Democratic Society

This conference will provide an opportunity for policy makers, academics and civil society organisations to consider current practice and future opportunities in the field of research partnerships.

The 5th Living Knowledge Conference will set its focus on different themes to get more insight in processes, and develop specific policy recommendations that resonate with public concerns and articulated research needs and built on the experience and know-how of the previous LK conferences in Leuven, Seville, Paris and Belfast. It will be an opportunity to bring together some of the key thinkers and practitioners in the area of community based research, university/community partnerships and Science Shops and aims at providing options and opportunities for collaborations and ensuring that this area of work is prioritised on policy agendas both nationally and internationally.

The conference will also be a platform to exchange and discuss findings and results of the first half of the PERARES project. PERARES (Public Engagement with Research and Research Engagement with Society) is a project which has been awarded financial support by the European Commission as coordination action in the 7th Framework Programme for broarder engagement on science-related questions and structuring public engagement in research.

Living Knowledge Network

Building out of national experiences, an open network, named Living Knowledge, was called into being. The demand-driven approach of science shops contributes to this objective and offers citizens a tool to contribute in the science and society debate. Sharing the expertise of existing science shops and support for the development of new science shops by improving the networking of science shops will advance citizens’ participation in the dialogue between science and society. An international science shop network will be an instrument to link or initiate local or regional initiatives. In this way it will advance the outreach, size and impact of the contribution of science shops to citizens access to scientific information, knowledge and expertise.

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