Down on the farm

dimanche 9 octobre 2005

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CONTENTS : Summary – Introduction – The Lay of the Land
I. Nano-Agriculture : Down on the Farm

Downsized Seeds
Nanocides : Pesticides via Encapsulation
Precision Agriculture : from Smart Dust to Smart Fields
Trading Down : Nano-Commodities

Nanomal Pharm
The Future of Farming : Nanobiotech and Synthetic Biology
II. Nano Food and Nutrition or « Nanotech for Tummies » Molecular Food Manufacturing
Tagging and Monitoring
Nano-Food : What’s Cooking at the Bottom ?
Special Delivery
III. Recommendations

Annex 1 : Nanotech R&D at Major Food and Beverage Corporations
Annex 2 : Nano Patents for Food and Food Packaging