Living Knowledge Conference – Programme committee

lundi 5 mars 2007


The Programme Committee incorporates all members of the organising committee and some additional members. There are especially some more members from France in order to guarantee locally the good implementation of the conference.The programme committee is the main responsible for the programme, selection of abstracts and organisation of the parallel sessions. Project teams will be created for each of the five themes of the conference. Every abstract will be read by at least three people.

Nicolas Bienvenu, Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation, Ecole des Mines, France

Pierre-Benoit Joly, Sociologue, TSV-INRA, France

Christophe Bonneuil, Historian of science at Centre Koyre, CNRS, France

Sophie Tocreau, Ministry of Research, Mission « Science and societ »

Herve Le Crosnier, Senior lecturer at University of Caen, France

Catherine Bourgain, Geneticist, INSERM, France

Gustav Massiah, President of CRID (French Centre for Research and Information on Development)