« Collective wisdom », an interview with Claudia Neubauer, FSC

vendredi 22 juin 2012


Fondation Sciences Citoyennes wants science to be closer to the real concerns of citizens. In Paris, Tania Rabesandratana spoke with the organisation’s director Claudia Neubauer about her fight for unbiased, participatory research.

Science in Society was Framework 7’s funding programme dedicated to reflection and debate on science and technology in our society. It had a budget of €330 million for 2007-13, but the programme has been axed in the proposal for Horizon 2020, the follow-up to Framework 7 for 2014-20. Fondation Sciences Citoyennes, a French not-for-profit association, is among those who are fighting to reverse the programme’s removal. The organisation, founded in Paris in 2002 by a group of researchers, has urged the European Commission to create a comparable funding stream for Horizon 2020 with a €1-billion budget, or 1.25 per cent of the proposed €80bn total budget.

This article is available here: Collective WisdomResearch Europe, June 21st, 2012.